Tattoo Design – Take 2

How about this for a second take?


It was posed in a comment in my first posting about where I’d have it placed; somewhere visible or not? Firstly, I’ll have to explain that I can’t have it done on my arse or legs – due to my Crohn’s disease, I have a lot stretch marks there. Having it on my stomach is probably a bad idea due to, er, future expansion…

This leaves my arms, my shoulder blades or my flanks really. Here, have a handy diagram:

It was also asked – why? Not sure, I like the idea of being marked as my Master’s property, but I don’t want something as twee as "Sir’s Boi" or something. The barcode is advantageous because it lends itself to the objectification of me as a slave but it’s also Master independent, not that I have any intention of changing Masters!

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