Toy Box

I was asked what I currently had in my toy box (well, more like several cupboards!) the other day, so I spent quite a while writing it all down. Took a while. You can get most of it from my shop :)

Update: I’ll keep my kit list updated here in the future.

Update 2: This is all maintained on its own page now.




Rubber (mostly all made-to-measure)
Black full suit, RoB
Sleepsack, Regulation
Kilts: Fort Troff gladiator, Breathless pleated
Chaps suit red stripes, Invincible
Red striped jock, Invincible
Plain black jock, RoB
Zippered black shorts, Expectations
Shorty surf suit white stripe, RoB
Plain black shorts, Black Body
Arseless black shorts, Recoil
Plain black shorts, Expectations
Sleeveless black T, Expectations
Red rubber full suit, Libidex
Green sleeveless ‘army’ shirt, Libidex
Black and red ‘samurai’ T, Breathless
Black jeans, Breathless
Metallic purple & silver T, Libidex
Pinstripe shirt, Breathless
Pewter T, RoB
Black sleeveless american football top with yellow lacing, Invincible
Black longsleeve hoody, BlackStyle

Speedo Fastskin I
Salomon tights, black
Adidas full suit, blue
Adidas full suit, purple
Speedo shorty swim suit, blue
Nike sprint suit, blue
Black rubberised full suit, andyelycra
Asics wrestling suit, red
Nike sprint suit, black
Nike+ running top x2
Adidas running tights
Specialized bib shorts
Specialized 3/4 bib tights
Specialized cycling T
DHB bib tights
FOX cutoff cycling T

Dildo Arsenal
Butt plug: small, medium, large
Dildo: small, large, huge, double ended
Inflatable x2
Metal arse hook
Arse balls
Speculum x2
Devil’s tail

Leather wrist restraints x2
Leather ankle restraints
Leather thigh restraints
Leather waist restraint belt
Gags: inflatable, plug, ball, breathe through, piss
Blindfolds: leather padded, rubber inflatable
Lockable butt plug harness
Hogtie snaps
Trigger clips
Rope: lots

Mitts: leather, rubber
Collars: leather, rubber, steel, spiked, chain, heavy metal
Padded leather Fetters muzzle
Square peg puppy tail
Dog bowls
Dog toys

Head trips
Gas mask: Canadian x2, S10
Rubber full hood
Anaesthetic mask
Rebreather bags

Ball weights
Metal stretchers
Cock rings
Cock straps
Leather ball stretchers
Sounds: 6F, 7F, 8F, square peg silicone sounds
Cock pumping cylinders

Tit clamps
Tit suckers
Clothes pegs

Floggers: leather, rubber
Riding crop

Spreader bar
Custom cage, puppycages.co.uk
Sling, Master U

Butt plugs x2
Cock electrodes
Crocodile clips

Lubes: water, silicone, k-lube, boy butter
Black latex gloves
Duck tape
Rubber shines
Dressing aid
Ear plugs