New Cage

I have my new cage!

It’s been custom built by puppycages.co.uk from a very poor scribble I did. Arrived today in three very heavy but expertly packed boxes, and took very little time to put together. The quality is really excellent, the welding and finishing all perfect. Lots of attention to detail too, like spare covering for the base in case it gets ripped and spare bolts (and a free spanner!).

All together, a perfect bit of kit and for £250 – a total bargain. Hopefully I’ll post pics of it in use soon!

More pics in the gallery!

Finished with base in


  1. lycraducttape

    OMG!!!! That is indeed nice…You’ll have to invite me over so I can spend the night in mitts and muzzle and chained in it :-).
    A bargain indeed.

  2. Rudi

    Suddenly, I want to move to UK… a land where one can get a good cage for

  3. Loki

    It’s pretty small, so I wouldn’t want to spend the night in it unless you want a *very* uncomfortable night :)

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