Loki and Korbz Pics

I had a fantastic pup-on-pup session last weekend with Pup Korbz. It was the first really extended play that I’d had and I found it particularly intense and easy to get into the pup headspace. I’m really lucky to have spent time with him and his owner and I hope to do so again :)

Update: pics in a throwback post!




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  1. Puppy Korben

    Really enjoyed it too! Looking forward to another romp around.

  2. lycraducttape

    Awesome, you two look great playing together, wish I were there too. Say Loki, what kind of paws are those? I have a rubber pair that looks similar i got from Germany.

  3. Loki

    @lycraducttape: they are from skintightrubber.com – more hooves than paws I think!

  4. SneakerSniffer

    How long did you both stay in pup mode then?

  5. Loki

    About 4 or 5 hours I think? Didn’t seem that long though.

  6. SneakerSniffer

    Still you both pups missed your tails.

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