On Fluid Bonding

No, this isn’t some sort of sexual practice involving superglue, it’s actually an agreement between long-term partners to engage in unprotected sex. This doesn’t seem so crazy as long as everyone involved are comfortable with everyone else’s STI status, alternative contraception used as necessary (and its fallibilities accepted) and most importantly: only safe sex is practiced with others outside the bonded relationship (whether it’s poly or not)

I am fluidly bonded with my owner for a few reasons:

  • We have been together for over a decade and trust each other, not only to play safe with others, but in disclosing our (negative) status with each other and to be regularly tested.
  • Whilst we play with others I only get fucked by him – a mark of ownership if you will.
  • Being totally honest, I don’t actually like being fucked with a condom and I’ve never found one that feels “nice” as a sub or a top. (Any suggestions?)
  • Being even more honest, having cum and/or other fluids inside you feels pretty damn great (there, I said it).

It’s all about relative risk for me: would I go barebacking someone I just met in a sauna? No. Would I bareback with someone I’d only just met on Recon? No. Am I happy to do it with someone I completely trust and know their status? Yup.

We don’t all need to play in an all-enveloping latex suit all the time. Hang on…