Scams on Recon?

Received this message from someone with a new profile on Recon (I shan’t link to it). Never really had anything like it before. I don’t think it’s genuine :)

sub,u must consider yourself lucky for been the one to inherit my blessings even though i know nothing about you other than your profile on recon.I can not move on with the pains and stress anymore and if you do not get my monies it will rotten there and of no good so it will be up to you to make up your mind now.You are only lucky that your profile first caught my attention,i do not have any family or relative and that should answer your question as regards why you have been chosen.

I am in new york,Usa now on medications and we can discuss on my mobile once it is well charged today (xxxx) we can discuss on phone tomorrow.Here is the custodian managers email xxxx do contact him via email to request for his mobile number and also to fix an appointment as regards the specific hour u will be meeting him to collect my monies so u can have the legal documents confirming my approval for the change of ownership to your name.copy me the email xxxx