RubAddiction: a tale of two straight jackets

Back in February, having been persuaded by advice on Twitter, I placed an order for a latex straight jacket from a firm based in Berlin, RubAddiction. I wanted a little customisation of the stock design they had up on their site but they told me they were working on a new design of SJ that might be what I was after instead and sent some working photos. All looked good, so I sent them €500 and my measurements (the same as I’d used for my birthday suit) and waited for it to arrive.

After a month, a package from Germany arrived and I eagerly asked my owner to fit me into it only to be totally devastated: it was too long, too wide, the collar was way too high and the buckles didn’t meet up at the back. I emailed RubAddiction but it took nearly a month to get a reply and get their agreement to send it back for alteration.

It took until July for a corrected SJ to be made up and sent out. Unfortunately some of the straps had been attached the wrong way round so back it went again. Luckily the turnaround was a bit quicker so nearly 6 months after placing my order do I now have a jacket that fits.

The positive: now they’ve dialled in the pattern it’s an absolutely beautiful thing. The fit is perfect and the blend of smokey black latex and metal hardware is incredibly sexy.

This is the sad thing about the experience: RubAddiction make some amazing latex and have design flair that virtually no one else making men’s gear can match. It’s so infuriating that it’s all let down by poor communication. I’ve had custom gear made in the past and I know how long it can take to make so it’s not the length of time I’m upset about; just set my expectations and stick to them.

Anyway, to the pictures!


RubAddiction SJ
Fettered pleasures latex hood
Master U leather restraints
ErosTek ET312
Electro sound and cock ring from fettered pleasures
Hitachi magic wand