Raw hemp rope – free to a good home

I have a fair amount of unprocessed hemp rope left over from a previous project that I don’t think I’ll get around to using up. It is untreated so would probably need a little processing to make it usable for bondage use (or not if you prefer it prickly) but this is a pretty easy process and a rewarding thing to do. I’ll be writing up a post about how to do it too.

I have 4, 6 and 8mm premium Romanian 3-strand available – if you’re in London you can collect or if you cover the cost of shipping I can mail it to you. Email me to arrange either way: loki~at~puploki~dot~com.


  1. tom hughes

    Would love some 4 & 6mm if its still available?

    1. puploki

      Yes! Drop me an email (loki at puploki dot com) with how much you’re after.

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