On social media and profile sites

I’ve recently had a bit of emotional turmoil in my life, nothing major, but it got me thinking about how I use profile sites and social media in general: tumblr in particular became a bit of a time-sucking-blackhole.

I’ve nuked a whole swathe of profile sites including Grindr, OK Cupid, Gearfetish, Slaveboys, Pup Zone, Informed Consent and Gaydar as I just didn’t check them that often, and those that I occasionally did, I rarely met anyone from. I have kept my Recon and Fetlife presence as I find those useful enough. I’m sorry if you don’t use either of those – you can always email me direct¬†though.

Although I’d had a brief hiatus from Twitter & Tumblr too I’m going to start using them again as well. Twitter’s very social and has lots of meatspace friends on it and I don’t want to lose touch with them. Tumblr’s a different beast but I’m going to use it a bit more carefully, limiting time spent on it and trying to add more original content than simple re-blogs.

See you about!