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On social media and profile sites

I’ve recently had a bit of emotional turmoil in my life, nothing major, but it got me thinking about how I use profile sites and social media in general: tumblr in particular became a bit of a time-sucking-blackhole. I’ve nuked a whole swathe of profile sites including Grindr, OK Cupid, Gearfetish, Slaveboys, Pup Zone, Informed …

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Folsom Favourites

From Recon’s photo gallery.

Recon event boy

And how come I didn’t “bump” in you?

Spur of the moment with @blondpup81

What happens when someone pops over to check out your sling and hood because they’re thinking of buying one or both? Well, they end up getting a production demonstration of course :) (BTW my sling and leather hood, albeit not shown below, are from Master U – highly, highly recommended).  

From the archives

When I was looking through LondonRopeTop’s new tumblr feed I came across I photo that looked an awful lot like me. I mean, it’s head to toe rubber so it could be anyone but I don’t know many people who have a suit with rubber toe socks like that and the patched-up knee was a …

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Jaiden rVa James

After I posted a screencap from Have I Got News For you on Twitter of some hot guys in rubber asking what it was all about, I was pointed at two designers; Jaiden rVa James. They’ve designed for Lady Gaga, so it’s no surprise that their collection features lots of rubber, harnesses and straijackets. Yum! …

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This may remove any gas mask fetish that you have

Up market sex shop

Kiki De Montparnasse in New York seems to be the most expensive sex shop I’ve ever come across. Where else could you buy a $795 cock ring?