Sunday play with LondonRopeTop & @boybondage

It’s always fun to play with LondonRopeTop and even better to play with him and another sub.

I arrived early and had a one-on-one session first in my lycra sprint suit with lots of rope. He was in a really ‘dominant’ mood, not in a master/slave way, but enjoyed stringing me up so I could twist and squirm but not escape spanks and slaps to my balls. I’m not really one for heavy pain play but being bound and gagged definitely helps raise my pain threshold.

In the afternoon I was rubbered up and restrained in metal shackles and a stockade to wait for another sub, @boybondage, who was coming over. He was played with for a bit then we were tied together, forced to suck each other and had a little CBT. It was also his first time in rubber, so I’m honoured to have taken his latex virginity :)

All in all a fantastic day with some great people.