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Elastomer suit

I saw this image and decided to seek out the company that made the suit. I found the small Taiwanese outfit – twelastomer – and thought I’d give them a go. I chose a surf suit in a kind-of rubberised matt-finish lycra which came in at a little steep $130 (thanks Brexit). The company advertises them …

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Fun with ropeboy87

Although ropeboy87 and I have ‘known’ each other via twitter for a while this is the first play session we’d had together; my owner also joined in for some fun too. First sessions are all about sounding out what someone likes and I love exploring those reactions. We look forward to having ropeboy87 back for …

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Under Armour

Combination of lycra + boy = win. Under Armour definitely know how to sell stuff.

Mr S Neoprene

I don’t own any neoprene gear myself, but this stuff from Mr S is hot. *

Sunday play with LondonRopeTop & @boybondage

It’s always fun to play with LondonRopeTop and even better to play with him and another sub. I arrived early and had a one-on-one session first in my lycra sprint suit with lots of rope. He was in a really ‘dominant’ mood, not in a master/slave way, but enjoyed stringing me up so I could …

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Griff The Invisible

Finally managed to get to see Griff The Invisible this weekend which stars Ryan Kwanten as a bit of a loaner with a superhero fixation bordering on dissociative identity disorder. Needless to say he spends a lot of time in rubber and lycra. Nom. It’s a bit of weird film, but if I’m honest you …

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Epix Triathlon Gear

I saw these suits mentioned on twitter a while back, and arranged to have one delivered whilst I was out in California recently (hey, it saves on shipping!). They look and feel great :)