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Who is the BoundGods model?

Does anyone know from which scene this is from? It looks pretty much like one of the sets from but I don’t know who the strapped-up sexy guy is (does it look a little photoshopped?). Let me know if you recognise the scene :) Update: Thanks to Twitter this looks like Zac Effron’s head …

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Griff The Invisible

Finally managed to get to see Griff The Invisible this weekend which stars Ryan Kwanten as a bit of a loaner with a superhero fixation bordering on dissociative identity disorder. Needless to say he spends a lot of time in rubber and lycra. Nom. It’s a bit of weird film, but if I’m honest you …

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Epix Triathlon Gear

I saw these suits mentioned on twitter a while back, and arranged to have one delivered whilst I was out in California recently (hey, it saves on shipping!). They look and feel great :)

SF Armory:

I can heartily recommend a trip around the SF Armory home of if you ever find yourself in San Francisco. You can get to see not only the sets that are the home of, and the like, but also the amazing drill court. If you were watching the live cams on on …

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Marshall Allman Puppy Play

If you follow True Blood, you’ll know a couple of the characters can “shape-shift” into dogs. One of their characters, Marshall Allman, seems to have decided to demonstrate puppy play…